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Historical Fiction

History and fiction, I don't think there can be a finer combination of ideas. The truth of what was intermingled with the idea of what might have been. While you won't find aliens, magic or even zombies in this genre, I do hope that you will see the fun that results when you can open your mind to what might have been.

The Ghost of Sherwood

King Richard is dead.
The theft of his taxes in the north prompts the newly crowned King John to dispatch Sir Guy to Nottingham in order to retrieve his taxes and hang the bandits of Sherwood forest.
The Sheriff of Nottingham feels the noose tighten around his own neck as word arrives of King John's orders. The lawman of Nottingham has the king's missing taxes in his lockbox and worse, there are no bandits in the Sherwood for Sir Guy to find. He must survive long enough to escape with the stolen money. The only way he can do that is to play villain in the hunt for the mysterious outlaw, Robin Hood.

The Alabaster Throne

Life in his father's court allows young Taldirun all the privileges expected for a prince of Atlantis. But royal life is also fraught with danger and deception. On the night before a battle, Tal has a cryptic dream of a man who foretells his brother's fate. After Tal survives an attempt on his own life, he travels to a secluded sacred shrine to uncover the intrigues that plague the court of his father. There he exposes betrayal from the closest of allies and discovers prophecies of years to come.
Tragedy and war descend upon his father's kingdom, and Tal must choose to either claim his divine birthright to the Alabaster Throne or leave his father's legacy stained and ruined by ambition and ruthlessness. Tal must use the dreams, prophecies, and the loyalty of those closest to him if he is to drive back the shadow that blankets his kingdom.