Upcoming Book Series

Featuring Edmund Mallory

Whenever I talk about the new book series I have in mind, I am often asked how I would even classify it. Well, I would like to say that it is so unique that there is no possible way to classify it. But that might not be true. Speculative fiction comes really close, but of course speculative fiction is such a large enclosure that being in that classification is near useless for definition.
For me, I would say that Edmund Mallory is part Indiana Jones, part Dr. Who and part Sam Beckett (the main character in the television show Quantum Leap).
Edmund Mallory is the Opus Curator of the London Museum of History in 2400AD when he is given a time-travel device that has come from the very distant future. He is taught the basics of how to use this device, which is permanently attuned to him, and what the basic rules of time-travel are. He is tasked with finding artifacts that have been lost in history and taking possession of them for the museum, where they will be able to study and display them.
The first novel will deal with Mallory retrieving Excalibur after King Arthur is killed. Other famous artifacts and legendary figures will be explored in further adventures of Mallory.

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