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My Journey

In 2012, I published my first few short stories to learn the process of self-publishing. Soon after, I published my first novel Bright Horizons, and embarked on a journey of writing full time.

I spent three years pursuing this dream, and there were great strides made. And then I found my true passion, a lovely woman who was my long sought after soul-mate. I continued to write as we dated and eventually married much to my delight and everlasting joy.

Soon after we were married, we discovered that a child was on his way, and with that, I put my writing journey on pause so I could properly provide for my new family.

During the last five years, I have tried to find time and passion to write with varying degrees of success. Now, I am actively writing again, though not as fast as I was before. Soon I will have a new novella published, and hopefully one or two novels a year from this point onward, until I can go back to writing full time.

With my beautiful wife and handsome young sons, I am as happy as any writer could be. And my journey continues with more than I could ever dream helping me along the way.

My Books
My Books

Bright Horizons Series

EMP Series

Other Fiction

Bible Stories

RPG Adventures

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