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Bright Horizons

Earth has made first contact with peaceful aliens. And humanity finds itself in a struggle for survival.

When a brutal alien race tries to conquer Earth, Colonel Martin is in called on to wage war. And he believes the best defense is unconditional victory. Earth is heading toward the stars, and the galaxy won't know what hit them.

Exciting adventure awaits in this retro sci-fi series. Start reading today!

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From the day Earth first made contact with aliens, the Otina have been a thorn in their side. It was the Otina who ambushed the treaty ceremony with the Hedali. It was the Otina who disrupted Earth's war effort against the Iltia'cor. And in the year since Earth stood victorious over its powerful enemy, it's become obvious that the Otina have infested the Earth system more than anyone realized.

To make matters worse, Alex Ramirez has been captured by the Otina. The unpredictable and always combative marine has been put in an alien prison. But no prison can hold Alex unless he wants to stay. And he does not want to stay.

As Alex looks for ways of escape, Earth forces are scouring the system looking for clues to where he might be. What they find, however, changes the way that humans will look at the galaxy forever. Mosar, that crucial element that Earth lacks, turns from the answer to the riddle. Humanity will have to set aside the rescue of one of its heroes in order to solve a mystery that threatens their entire race.

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The war with the Otina revealed the bitter truth about mosar. What was believed to be an element missing in humans, is instead an invasive form of life set to consume everything. A human crew has joined a mission of their former enemy, Warlord Jii, to travel to the world where mosar was first detected eons before. There, Jii intends to purge the galaxy of mosar.

But the mission is in jeopardy even as it begins. The political situation on Earth has taken a sinister turn, and even if the mission succeeds, Earth will never be the same.

Betrayed by his own government, and faced with a byzantine maze of secrets laid out by his alien allies, Earth Ambassador Kyle Martin must find a way to save Jii's mission. The very survival of the galaxy is at stake.

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In a flash of searing light, the world changed. A massive solar flare has crippled the modern world and brought chaos and destruction. David Hartsman is stuck in the remote farm town of his youth on what was expected to be a short visit to check on his ailing parents. While his wife and his daughter are hundreds of miles away at home in Chicago, David must face the dangers associated with his own survival and the pressures of not being with his family. In a worldwide catastrophe, every struggle is personal.

EMP is the dramatic story of one man and his struggle for survival in a world that is falling apart.

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EMP: Heading Home

The struggle to survive took all of David's effort in the months after the EMP. Caring for his ailing parents gave him both a purpose and duty to the small farm town he grew up in.

Now that his responsibility is over, he bets his life, and the lives of his friends, on a risky trek through the brutal winter to find and save his family in Chicago.

Fierce blizzards and arctic winds challenge their arduous journey as do the warlords and tyrants who hold fast to the remnants of civilization.

It is through this wasteland of suffering and death that David must face the odds and save his wife and daughter.

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The Alabaster Throne

"To him who had an eye to see, they began to appear base, and had lost the fairest of their precious gifts; but to those who had no eye to see the true happiness, they still appeared glorious and blessed at the very time when they were filled with unrighteous avarice and power." - Plato

The golden age of Atlantis had long been over, though no one could see it yet.

Taldirun, Prince of Atlantis, was raised to seek honor and glory, like the untold generations before him, but his world was a shell of splendor which held within the rotted and corrupted nature of man at his worst.

When the facade is broken, and the depths of depravity are revealed, Taldirun must persevere through the darkest of times and the bitterest betrayals. The only help he has to overcome his ordeal is the truth. And he must cling to the truth if he is to survive.

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The Ghost of Sherwood

The Sheriff of Nottingham was in a bind. King Richard had died, and the new king was replacing officials all over England. In order to secure enough wealth to retire on, the Sheriff had stolen several tax shipments headed to London and blamed outlaws in the Sherwood for the thefts. He never expected the King would send troops to capture a band of rumored outlaws, and now the Sheriff was expected to bring back their leader, a man who did not exist: Robin Hood.

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The Return of Cathos

Welcome Travelers! Welcome to the Silver Sword Inn!

My name is Croft and I run this establishment.

Now knock the dust off your cloak and have a seat at this table. I'll get you something to drink and we'll get you some food from the kitchen in just a few minutes.

Are you here on business or adventure? Either way, we have a room open. Those men in the corner? Why, they are adventurers! This inn of mine attracts a lot of adventurers. You know, I was once an adventurer myself. Retired and took over this place.

Oh, the stories I could tell. This place has a lot of stories. See that elf over by the fireplace? Wait until he starts telling the tales he has prepared tonight. In fact, I think he is getting ready to tell the stories of the Return of Cathos.

(The Return of Cathos is a collection of 20 short stories in the Tales of the Silver Sword Inn.)

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Bible Stories for New Christians
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The Bible is an essential part of the Christian experience, establishing and instructing our lives in the faith. In its pages are verses of praise, structures and guidelines of daily living, and encouraging words of inspiration. Held within its pages are also stories that show the history of God's work among his people and actions of the great heroes of our common faith.

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D&D 5E One-on-One Adventures

A Winter Journey
A Winter Journey.jpg

This One-on-One Adventure gives DMs a powerful tool to introduce a new player to the wonderful world of role-playing. A short, simple adventure designed to teach the basics in a comfortable single player environment, this is the rare product that every DM will use. With scripted combats and opportunities for role-playing and skill checks, this adventure is just what you need to play a quick half-hour session and get a new player into the fun and excitement right away.

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